Reconnect With Your Partner In 5 Steps

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By: Yaritza Zayas MS, MFT, LPC, NCC

It is  common for couples to find themselves in a relationship rut. Once the honeymoon period subsides couples struggle to reignite that excitement once again. Allowing a pit  become the norm in your relationship and I caution you: it will lead to distance and disconnect. But, don’t loose hope because you can improve your relationship!    So what to do? Try one or all five of the tips below:

1.  Share Common Interests- Yes, opposites attract and eachpartner should have their own interests.  However,  when a couple does not  share any hobbies together it will be difficult to spend enjoyable time together.  There has to be something that you both enjoy and cheer each other to do. Is it running,  or reading, maybe football?   Whatever it is: do not stop and make time for it.

2. Laugh together- Couples who laugh together and have a good sense of humor are better at coping with difficult times.  Laughter cures many ills. Laughter releases loads of feel good chemicals.  It eases tension,  temporary distracts,  and makes you happier.  So share these moments with the one you love!

3. The Power of Touch- As a couple gets comfortable with one another they stop touching each other. They approach one another for sex. This can lead to routine (aka boredom ) and resentment.  Sex is an important component in a relationship and do it shiuld not be dreaded or seen as a chore.  The power of touch goes beyond sex.  A hug, a high five, a caress on the cheek are all powerful forms of touching that communicates support, interest,  and care.

4. Appreciation- Say please and thank you!  Acknowledge what you each contribute to your home, family, and life. For example,  you notice how hard your partner is working towards a promotion simply let them know how proud you are of them. Take notice of the person you are committed to.

5. Spice it up- Keep trying new things.  Take an art class, go horseback riding,  do something new and create memories.

Applying these tips to your relationship will surely help get you off the rut your in. It does require investment from both people.  Good luck!

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