5 Steps To Take Action

pablo (59)
By: Yaritza Zayas MS, MFT, LPC, NCC

Are you stuck in a routine and unable to figure out how you got there? Do you find yourself depressed and the thought of creating goals and to do lists becomes overwhelming? You are not alone!  Many people who experience stagnation in their lives are fearful of taking action partly because I don’t even know where to begin. Today, people are bombarded with motivational sayings, videos and posters and yet more than ever people are fearful in accomplishing their dreams and goals. Although all of the external motivators are wonderful and can really inspire someone they not enough. You see people do not have a guide that they can follow to create an action plan Choice leads to action. If something is not working in your life then you have to try something different;  whatever it may be ( relationships,  career , health ). As the saying goes: ” the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again expecting a different result”.  Get out of that repetitive cycle.  It can be very scary and risky to make change; change does not come easy. Humans are creatures of habit, however if something is not working, therefore you owe it to yourself to do something different.  Below  I have outlined  five steps that will take you from contemplation to action.

1. Stick to the facts: look at your situation for what it really and truly is. It may not be as bad or as good as you think. Reality testing!

2. Tell yourself the truth:  take some time to analyze how your current situation affects you  and really identify what you want.

3. Create a vision: outline the steps that you need to take to make what you want a reality, be very detailed and specific.  Do not underestimate the baby steps!

4. Get a mentor, role model or outside support:  find the people that are going to motivate and encourage you to make change for the better.  That can be someone in your family, circle of friends or it may require to think outside of the box. Do Not fear working with a therapist!

5. Give back the matter your situation there is something that contribute to the world

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