Is crying a sign of weakness or strength?

pablo (72)

By: Yaritza Zayas, MS, MFT, LPC, NCC

I was recently asked my opinion on crying. Whether it   is a sign of weakness or strength.  Crying is a biological response to an emotion. Any emotion.  We cry when we are sad, angry, upset or happy, sentimental, or proud. Crying does not correspond to any weakness or strength. The perception of crying and tears is what people really question! So, the answer to that question is :  it is both.

Crying in front of certain people could actually make you a target. To them, it is a weakness and, therefore they may be emotionally unavailable to you. They may  be dismissive towards you; and in really unhealthy  relationships even abusive.

To cry in front of someone is  a sign of strength though. You are taking a risk by putting your trust into the hands of the people you cry in front of and are engaging in an intimate interaction. Most people assess who they will cry in front of or what situations warrant tears.

In summary, crying is a healthy expression of an emotion. So, allow the tears to flow: no judgment.

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