By: Yaritza Zayas, MS, MFT, LPC, NCC

You and your partner have 2 different brains, 2 different hearts, 2 different personalities and so on. That means you think and feel differently—about everything—and you never truly know what’s going on in the other’s world. Think about it, you spend most of the day apart; experiencing different things on a daily basis.  That’s the inner world principle.


In short, you and your partner both live in your own unique, subjective reality every day, and a big part of relationships is making consistent attempts to understand one another’s world.


It’s important  because it’s impossible to help each other out and solve problems together if you don’t understand one another.


In time, you both evolve and change as individuals. So often, I hear couples in crisis tell me “I woke up one day and didn’t recognize the person next to me.”


That’s because they didn’t consistently keep up to date with one another’s worlds.


How can you learn more about your partner’s inner world today?

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