Goal setting: I know that they get a negative rap at times. Some people think they are a waste of time, others think that they set you up for disappointment, and others do not see the value of setting a goal. I use the words goal and intention interchangeably. Setting an intention for yourself is living purposefully. Meaning you are not living by accident.

Goal setting doesn’t have to be difficult or complex. Think about one thing that you’d like to achieve. If i’s a bigger goal break it down into smaller pieces that are achievable within 30 days time. At the end of that month review your goal. If it was not achieved identify obstacles and ways to achieve goal in the upcoming month. Do not simply give it. If it’s a something you want to achieve then it matters to you! I can share that I didn’t achieve one of my goals for this month. As I reviewed why it didn’t happen, I had to take myself accountable and recognize that I didn’t make the time for it. As, I plan for February, I will work on my schedule to make sure that I set time for this particular goal. Why am I not giving up on this goal? Because I know that this goal is important for my business growth.

If you are looking for help in identifying goals you’d like to achieve or living more purposefully and intentionally, reach out for help. Therapy is a great tool to proactively take a look at your life and make adjustments as necessary. The great thing about the internet is that it connects you with people who can support you and help you when you did not think it was possible !

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