Happy Balance

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Mindfulness refers to being present and aware of where you are in a given moment. In our modern world it seems that we are in constant motion. To stop and smell the roses can at times seem impossible. Therefore, to slow down must be intentional. The benefits of mindfulness is great: less stress, clearer thinking, and quicker problem solving. In the end, you will be mentally healthier for it. As a working mom and wife, I get how busy it can get, however, finding ways to sneak in some quiet time freshen my mind and well-being. It can be a quick practice!

  1. In order to stop and practice mindfulness try tapping into your senses. Your senses are a gateway to easing and soothing your mind.
  2. Anytime you feel frazzled, ease the pressure by massaging your temples; do this for a minute.
  3. Do nothing for 3 minutes. You might be thinking, HOW?!? But listen to me: set your timer for 3 minutes sit on your couch and just BREATHE!
  4. Go for a walk. Once outside, take a few deep breaths and pay attention to your surroundings. We have had some really beautiful days here in Philadelphia and I grab my baby carrier and son and go for a walk. It does us both good !

Learning to be mindful is not complicated, it’s just intentional. So whatever you do, for however long, simply enjoy it.

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