The Story of How I Got Started

Posh Free 9

I never intended to become a therapist. As a child, my goal was to become a doctor. I love her. I loved medicine and was hyper focused on pursuing my medical degree.  I completed my bachelor’s degree and decided to take a 2 year break. So, I ventured to Florida and worked as a counselor in a program for adjudicated youth. I fell in love with counseling. The potential for healing and witnessing human resilience. I returned up North and pursued my master’s degree from Holy Family University.

I chose to focus on marriage and family theory because I believe that relationships are instrumental to our well-being.

After experiencing agency work, I decided it was time to start my practice. It was important for me to reach clients in a  different way. I wanted the opportunity to advocate and educate. In 2011, that became a reality.

I have learned a lot on managing my own business while working with some incredible people. I have had the opportunity to offer workshops, classes, and groups, in addition to working on a one to one basis.

Having my own business has provided me with complete joy. My passion lies in encouraging and empowering others to live their best life; free from pain and trauma that has anchored them for so long.  I look forward to continuing my professional and entrepreneurial growth and I look forward to new projects.

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