The 3 Best Mental Health Apps You Need to Download


Technology has made it easier to access life saving and life changing information and support to millions of people. Literally in the palm of your hand you can have a therapy session, journal, and set reminders to that will help you stress less. There are countless tools that assist in many ways from anxiety management to relationship improvement.

I decided to list apps that I have tested and used myself in order to learn there efficiency and quality. I recommend strategies that I myself have tested and found to be great tools that could potential help others. On a disclaimer note: none of the apps listed will replace quality therapeutic support. If you find yourself realizing that you need more support please do not hesitate to seek such supports!

  1. Online Counseling:
    1. BetterHelp offers convenient, affordable, private (HIPPA complaint) online counseling. Their app is user friendly making counseling session really accessible therefore your sessions can be held anytime and anywhere.Therapist affiliated with BetterHelp are  licensed.
  2. Relationships Apps:
    1. Lasting gets to know you and your partner’s relationship by asking you questions about your current relationship. It then analyzes your responses and creates a program for you with communication, intimacy, and problem solving, etc strategies.
    2. Love Languages App will explain your primary love language as well as your partner’s love language . It will define what it means and how you can use it so that you can better connect with your partner.
    3. Card Decks App will offer different suggestions and actions to take to improve  your relationship in a variety of categories.
  3.  Anxiety, Depression, & Reflection:
    1. Calm App is a great tool that reminds you to take a break during your day. It offers different strategies to practice mindfulness and relaxation.
    2. Headspace offers themed sessions to in a variety of topics. The goal is to have an improved and healthier thinking.
    3. 5 Minute Journal is an app and an actual journal that has different writing prompts  for morning and evening reflection. It focuses on gratitude, growth, and lessons learned. This is a wonderful tool for those who enjoy writing. However, the app is just as helpful at re-framing and practicing self-care

I want to add that none of the links are affiliated and this is a non-sponsored post. These are tools that are available to everyone and they are tools to help improve your quality of life.

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