6 Lessons of Learned As A Career Woman


This November marks my 7th year in private practice. The transition to being completely independent was slow and steady. While growing and investing in my business, I was employed in other agencies. I had a vision of what I wanted for my future and was willing to work hard to achieve that goal. Along the way, I learned lessons that assisted in not only growing my practice but leading up to the vision I had for myself.  Regardless of your current situation, I think that these lessons, I learned, can be universally applied to all women who implement them.


  1. Have a vision of what you are working towards. It is imperative that you have an idea what you want to achieve, otherwise, you could be aimlessly wandering; and that can seem endless! These vision can undergo edits and that is okay! Simply, having that end goal in mind can be extremely motivating when you want to quit.
  2. Get yourself organized! Learn what time management and organization skills work for you and use them. Time is important and efficiency is key. Once you are organized with your tasks and time, you will see how much extra time you actually have to do things you enjoy and that enrich your life.
  3. Celebrate your success. If you don’t acknowledge that win, it can then pass you by. It’s then replaced with a new goal and you repeat the cycle. This can not only lead to burning out but also you may lose sight of the bigger picture.
  4. Be consistent. No matter what you do, it’s so essential to being there every single day. Showing up and staying in action.
  5. Read a lot. No matter what you are trying to achieve I guarantee there is still much to learn. You can quickly get into that comfort zone and coasting by. However, there is still much to learn. there’s always something new to learn. Each day there’s room for growth! Even now, when I have the work schedule that works for me and my family, I am constantly revamping on how I can improve not only my business but myself as a therapist.
  6. Be you. Probably the most important and sometimes the hardest. I know at times, I wanted to replicate what others were doing because it worked for them, however, in learning about and knowing myself it wasn’t working. I wasn’t seeing success and was getting frustrated. After, I took a big breath, did some rethinking and restructuring, I found a lot of success because now I was being myself. Authenticity matters! So, yes, study and learn of course. However, find a way to make it your own.

Regardless, of what your vision is: work, fitness, personal (maybe a combination of all 3), these lessons that I shared with you can be applied so that you see progress in whatever you want to achieve. If it matters to you then it’s worth it! 

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