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I am naturally a morning person. Prior to the birth of my son , I was the queen of morning routines. I would wake up early, walk the dogs, have some music playing in the background while enjoying my breakfast. Then hit the gym. I was able to ease into my day. That is NOT the case at this time. I would not want it any other way.  I love motherhood.  So, I had to find ways to incorporate some of those elements into my current life. Some days are easier than others but I aim at incorporating at least 2 of these every morning.

1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier: my son is now has a predictable waking up time. So, I set my alarm a little earlier to enjoy some quiet time before he is up. If I am exhausted, I will skip this one and enjoy some extra sleep! 

2. Disconnect from my phone:  I avoid checking emails and social media very early in the morning. Emails and friend’s social media posts on my news-feed can take away that few minutes of my quiet time.

3. Pray and give thanks to God: this is non-negotiable. Every morning, regardless if I wake up before my son or not, I make sure to pray and spend time in reflection. 

4. Make bed and declutter for 5 minutes: I feel so put together by making my bed.  After a long tiring day, I want to take a rest and sleep in a made bed. If it does not get done then I set my timer for 5 minutes and declutter my room.

5. Legs up the wall: great exercise to ease the mind and energize your body.

6. Prayer or scripture for the day: Depends on the day, but I have a saying in my mind that centers me through the day. 

7. Journal:  I use this for the things I am grateful for and for the things I have accomplished.

8. To-do list: this is a must for me. I learned how important a to – do list is for me. It keeps me from overworking myself both at home and at work..

9. Music: my husband and I share a love of music. Music has such power over our mood and environment. Therefore, music is played the majority of the day at home.

10. Coffee: I enjoy my cup of coffee as a treat. It is not my breakfast or replaces any meal. 

I know how quickly motherhood can change our lives. Is that not amazing? We have to adjust and that can take some time. As a mother to mother, I get you! Simply finding ways to incorporate elements that you enjoy into your current lifestyle will work wonders to energize you.


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