Do Not Be Alone

pablo (1)

People are social beings.  Our genetics  predisposes us to want to seek the company of
others. Even the most introverted of us. It is how we ensure our survival. Regardless if you are extremely introverted from  a wellness perspective,  isolation can be a big problem, particularly during times of emotional stress. Ideally, people should have at a sense of connection to a community.  If you find yourself being alone much of the time consider increasing your socialization. Take a look at the social activities listed below. When you get up each morning, think about at least one social activity you can do each day. Note: Internet-based social activities are helpful, but they do not replace real life contact with people.

Have dinner with a friend.
Attend a Meetup (go to Meetup.com for groups in your area).
Take a walk with a friend.
Attend a community service group (Rotary Club, Kiwanis, and so on).
Reconnect with friends and family. List two or three people that come to mind:
Attend a spiritual or religious group.
Go on a nature related activity (e.g. hiking, bird watching, travel).
Attend a hobby or craft related group (e.g. knitting, photography, etc)/
Attend a course.
Attend a community, or political meeting.
Attend a support group.
Volunteer at a hospital or other non-profit organization.

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