7 Reasons Why It’s Time to Move On

pablo (4)


Some of us, (myself included!) have been guilty of holding on to someone for far too long. What are you holding on to? What are you getting from them? Take some time to reflect on this! Sometimes, we hold on to people out of fear, out of habit, even out of compromise! Take the time to reflect on the following statements/questions:

  1. Do they treat you like you are not important?
  2. Are you not a priority in their life?
  3. They show more interest in another person.
  4. They push you away when you try to get close.
  5. They deliberately hurt you – and don’t seem to care.
  6. Are they full of drama?
  7. Do they leave you feeling miserable, unwanted and upset?


I know you deserve to be in a nourishing and loving relationship. It may be difficult to make the change. It will require you to self-reflect and take action. Your partner, friends, family, etc may not even be aware that they do some of the things listed above (prioritizing work over date night for example), especially if you have not told them! You may be unsure of what is your next step. This is, yet, example of how therapy can be beneficial for you. But, in the meantime, take the time answer your own questions and start having conversations.

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