7 Reasons You Should Seek Therapy

pablo (11)

I am often asked: “what are reasons for going to therapy?” The truth is you seek and go to therapy when you want to and for whatever the reason. You do not need to necessarily be experiencing some kind of crisis. However, if a list is what helps, here are 7 scenarios that are great opportunities to make that initial therapy appointment:

  1. The same themes and patterns keep reappearing, or repeating themselves.
  2. Unresolved issues from your past that are stopping you from living and enjoying your life now.
  3. You have trouble coping with powerful emotions – like overwhelming anger or excessive crying.
  4. You feel anxious, restless and dissatisfied, and feel as if something needs to change in your life.
  5. You feel dazed or shocked by something that has happened, and can’t pick up the pieces and “be normal” again.
  6. You keep pushing down your feelings, and denying your emotions, but they keep popping up and just won’t go away.
  7. You can’t let go of something that meant a lot to you – a disappointment, or a failure, or a past relationship.

If one of these scenarios apply to you then I urge you to make yourself a priority. It can be very liberating to not only engage in this level of self-care but also life changing to finally change patterns of behavior that do not suit you, get guidance and support to make these changes, and to finally feel joy.

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