4 Everyday Strategies to Lower Your Stress

pablo (6)

There are times, we have to admit that we pile on our own stress. How? Saying “yes” to everything, by not taking inventory of the small everyday things that add to our plate, by being constantly available to everyone at anytime, by over exposing our lives.

1.Turn off your computer at night and turn your phone on Do Not Disturb mode during the hours when you’re asleep.

Getting alerts when you’re sleeping will affect the quality of your sleep. You can change the setting to allow calls and texts from certain people in case of emergency.

2. I am not a doctor but try taking a natural magnesium supplement. Please talk to your doctor about this! But magnesium is great at calming you down in moments of stress. Magnesium is a calming and relaxing mineral. It regulates the nervous system and may help you  with stress

3.Use your phone to set reminders and as a timer. Using your phone for reminders you won’t forget appointments As a timer, you can set aside some time to complete a task so you complete your tasks! I like to set my timer when completing household chores, I get so much done and have more time for other things.

4. Say “no”! Before adding more to your responsibilities be aware of what you have already going on.  Ask yourself, “is this something important to me” and do “I really want to do this”, “can I commit to this”?

I want to challenge you to commit in implementing these strategies (one per week. After a month assess your stress level.

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