Pro-Relationship Thinking

pablo (31)

Poisonous relationships can alter our perception. You can spend many years thinking you’re worthless … But you’re NOT worthless. You’re unappreciated. Steve Maraboli
Relationships require intention and attention! We can quickly take for granted our partners. Yet, when they are not in our life, we feel their absence.  According to Stan Tatkin author of “Wired for Love”, “one of the most important discoveries a couple can make is that it is possible to shift into a a pro-relationship stance”. Couples often times come to therapy with a theory for their problems, which is covered in blame. To be in a healthy relationship, we have to shift our thinking from “I” to “Us”. We have to work together at identifying the problem and finding a solution. So, next time you are arguing, stop the fighting and replace the word “you” with “we”. Make that shift! It will help you slow down your thinking and work together. If you are having a difficult time, go to couples counseling! It really is a great tool to improve your relationship and learn better ways to communicate and relate to each other.

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