Taking Breaks

It has become more important to me the value of stepping away and taking a break. When you identify something-maybe even someone- that is draining you in someway to take some time and rest. You may not be able to escape daily responsibilities, pending deadlines, or end a relationship (it may not come to that) but establishing healthy boundaries for yourself can be so powerful. Personally, I’ve created boundaries around my work time. It’s so easy to answer an email or message yet by doing so I’m not honoring my “me time”. Recently, I have set up a system that works for me (now). I may have to edit and create a new system down the line but I’m now giving myself the permission to step away and take rest. I am all the better for it.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and grumpy look at your calendar or your to – do list and make some edits! You may be unsure on how to begin and this is when a good counseling consult can be a wonderful tool in learning how to establish those boundaries and find moments of rest. I guarantee that once you implement those strategies you’ll begin to feel relieved.

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