Developing Bravery in Therapy

pablo (66)

Making the decision to start therapy is truly a brave decision. Why? You are making a decision that will forever change your life.

The therapeutic relationship is unique and there are some behaviors and circumstances they can affect this relationship. There circumstances to keep in mind , so that you have the best relationship possible with your therapist and of course get the most from your sessions. Why does this all matter? Well, this isn’t a post to complain but  rather to further highlight the awesome power in therapy. The therapeutic relationship mirrors and models healthy boundaries. Those healthy boundaries are the gatekeepers of the trust established in therapy. Using the concept of BRAVING developed by Brene Brown. Love her ! Take 20 minutes and listen to her talk about the Anatomy of Trust .

Keeping these boundaries will open the doors to a truly transformative experience in therapy. If a therapist is not showing you respect or committed to your sessions then this is absolutely something to bring up to them. If it’s not a good fit it is OK to meet with a new therapist that will respect your time as well.  Respect, consideration, and communication goes both ways. The most important part of the healing process and power in the  transformative process of therapy lies in greatly on the relationship between client and therapist.

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