7 Ways To Learn Discipline Effectively.

pablo (75)
Self-discipline is the ability to control yourself and to make yourself work hard or behave
in a particular way without needing anyone else to tell you what to do (definition via
Collins dictionary). It  can make you uncomfortable. It can be challenging. However,
practicing discipline can lead to the greatest rewards. In order to develop discipline you
first need to make a genuine commitment to being a disciplined person. There’s an
intention behind this decision. Discipline doesn’t just happen. Second, take a honest
inventory on  weaknesses, distractions, and any habits that might sabotage you along the
way. Don’t be self deprecating. We all have areas of growth! If there is something you are
trying to improve, you have to be willing to acknowledge how bad or unhealthy it is for
you. Third, make a realistic plan. Write it down and share it with a friend who will help
you to be accountable. Then get ready to implement into action. Create your day to avoid
those distractions that will likely undermine your self discipline. This may require you to
change your routine. Change can be challenging but so rewarding. A long the way you
may trip up and that is okay, just move on as you can always start again. A word of
caution: simple wishing to be disciplined is not enough. The action you take (even in the
smallest amount) is valuable and has the potential to transform you.

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