Mental Health Tech

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In the February 2016 issue of Psychology Today, there is an article titled Know your Space by Matt Hutson in which a psychologist and neuroscientist Colin Ellard discuss the importance of our environment and our well-being. And, in particular, he talks about responsive homes that use technology to soothe the residence of the home. So, for example, a home that knows when you’re sad and will provide comfort, he says, like a soothing cup of tea or adjust the lighting that will be more comforting to you. In today’s world, we have technology that has been proven to improve our health and well-being with the invention of fitness apps, water reminder apps, and the like; would this be something you would enjoy having? As the colder months draw closer and we find ourselves more indoors would this type of tech be helpful for those who struggle with seasonal depression? Only time will tell.

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