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pablo (27)

As a small business owner, I have learned to take the final quarter of the year to review the administrative and financial aspects of my business. It can be tedious but also informative and eye-opening as I review the last 12 months of work and vocation. The same can be applied to our personal lives as well. Although we don’t have to wait to the end of a calendar year to review the past, it’s important that we simply we make time to actually reflect. Why you may ask? Well, let me ask you this:  will you continue to expend energy and time into things, people, or actions that are not working for you and yet expect a different outcome? Will you continue to expect things to change or maybe improve if you do not have a change of thinking or a new game plan to follow? So, many scoff “the new year, new me” resolutions, I encourage everyone to take time to make meditate and reflect on your life this past year. Celebrate your growth! Give yourself permission to explore and expand even more in the new season that soon graces us with presence.

With that in mind, I have been taking this past month to review my business and my counseling skills. I am excited to see how much has been accomplished but also looking forward to executing new ideas.

In summary,  take some time to reflect and celebrate your accomplishments. If something did not work out for you make the necessary changes.

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