3 Reasons Why You Need to Set Goals

pablo (29)

I encourage goal setting. I applaud goal setting. This time of year many people make the decision to create change. I think that is great. Inevitably there are those that may roll their eyes or claim that it is a waste of time. Or that goals can be set any time of the year. To that, I say “of course!” However, if someone wants a fresh start to a new calendar year, why not encourage them. Making the decision to change and improve does not come easily to many. The challenge to be intentional about creating new habits or eradicating others can be monumental for some.  I encourage everyone, at some point, to reflect their current situation, there is always room for improvement, and set out to make some changes. Here is why:

  1. Through goal setting is the only we get things done. At some point in your life, you made a goal of some kind and it came to fruition because you were intentional about making it happens. Otherwise, this wishes that you made would have simply remained a fantasy.
  2.  Through goal setting, we grow. By intentionally setting a goal, you are taking the steps to make progress in an area of your life. Really think about this: a promotion you’ve earned, a big purchase you made, i.e. a house. This would not have happened if you did not set the goal to make it happen and as a result, you progressed and grew through it.
  3. Goals setting provides us with variety. As humans, we need a change otherwise we function by default mode: mundane. Default mode can very easily lead to making the same mistakes, stifle our growth, and can lead us to what can be described as a rut. The setting of goals can provide us with a catalyst for change, which can be exciting.

These are just 3 of the many reasons I find goal setting to be very powerful. Although some may not agree with me, it is okay. If you find yourself “stuck” I encourage you to set one small goal that will get you excited and focused on creating variety and growth.

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