Co-dependency Continued

pablo (35)

A co-dependent relationship can exist beyond a romantic relationship. (There are co-dependent parental relationships, friendships, sibling relationships, etc.)  Once you’ve recognized that you are in a co-dependent relationship, there are some steps that you can take to create boundaries. The first step is realizing that this relationship isn’t healthy. Ideally, if you find yourself in a co-dependent relationship, you want to seek therapeutic support. You will want to learn the roots of these unhealthy patterns and learn healthier ways of relating with people. As well as establishing healthy boundaries with others. This will be essential in understanding relationship patterns and you will learn how to avoid repeating the same cycle. Keep in mind that these changes won’t happen over time and the boundaries may be met with resistance.  As a result, allow people to take responsibility for what they say, they do, and how they choose to react. Be mindful of not taking the blame for others’ reactions. The feeling of guilt may come up for you. This is where processing these emotions in therapy can be really helpful. Remember: you have the right to be happy and your needs met.

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