5 Steps to Deal With Life’s Disappointments

pablo (37).png

Disappointment is a part of life. As much as we do not want to experience such emotion it is a part of the human experience. Rather than avoid or suppress I suggest we learn how to process it. The messaging that we should just be happy and think positive thoughts can be harmful and rob of the full spectrum of the human experience. There are a time and a place for all emotions. I think, what is really important and healthy is to identify our emotions and how they impact our thoughts and behavior. Therefore, we are better able to process emotions (even undesirable ones) in a healthy manner. As a result, your mental (and overall) health reaps the benefits. Disappointment has its validity to ignore it, would rob you of healing. The first step is an acknowledgment of what has happened and that disappointment is part of your experience. Second, be aware of how disappointment is displayed in your life. Meaning: when disappointed is your self-confidence affected? Or maybe you isolate and withdraw from others? The point is to be aware of how the feelings of disappointment influence and affect your emotions and behavior. Why? When you are self-aware, you are more likely to be proactive in challenging self-defeating patterns. Third, find support from people who understand and care about your feelings. This can help you process the disappointment and move towards healing. Fourth, reframe disappointment as something you can learn and grow from rather than a failure in your life. Lastly, (if applicable) do not give up. Set yourself new goals, and embrace a dream again. Something even better may be waiting for you!  


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