6 Ways to Build Self Confidence

pablo (44)

Confidence is not arrogance. Arrogance refers to the belief that you are better and superior to others. Whereas confidence is a strong belief and trust in your own capabilities and strengths. Confidence is a way of life. I think that confidence, like anything, requires your intention and the decision to practice more self-confidence. In essence, to silence the voices and thoughts in your mind that attempt to dull you. I often, here people express a desire to gain self-confidence. So, I wanted to offer some tips that you can practice and begin your journey in gaining a stronger sense of confidence.

  1. Practice good posture by standing up straight and looking straight ahead. Being mindful of your non-verbal communication is a physical adjustment that can improve confidence and self-power. 
  2. Practice gratitude daily by making a  list of all you are grateful for – relationships, successes, and things that bring you joy. You will be surprised at how many things are going well for you – and that will give a boost to your confidence as well.
  3. Identify and use your strengths and abilities daily. When you use your talents (everyone has them!) you are instantly joyful and that is a great boost to your confidence.
  4. Look beyond yourself and genuinely compliment others. By complimenting others, you bring out the best both in yourself and other people – and that leads to respect and increased confidence.
  5. Take the time to move your body daily through functional or intentional exercise. No matter how you see it, exercise is a wonderful tool in helping you gain confidence. When you make the extra effort to invest in exercise your body will reap the benefits of the biochemical and physical reactions in your body. That can make you feel powerful.

These are six simple strategies that you can practice right now. You do not have to wait until Monday or some long-awaited day. Simply make the decision to feel more confident. If you are finding that there may be other underlying factors to your lack of confidence go ahead and call a counselor. Through the work that you do together, you will be able to challenge any negative self-doubt or/talk and really make a change in your life.

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