When Things Get to be Too Much

pablo (51)

There are times when we are extremely overwhelmed, sad, and really going through a difficult time. We may even feel broken. I just want to offer some guidance that may help you as you go through a difficult and trying time. First, talk with someone and share your story; often it helps to put the sadness into words. Therapy is a wonderfully safe space to open up and talk things through. Nothing can replace a quality therapy session and that will always be my disclaimer. Social media and social sharing can influence our emotional well-being at any time but particularly when you are going through a devasting time in our life. So, try to detach and unplug for a while.

I often hear people express feelings of guilt for needing time to process and need self-compassion. Remember to respect your need for space and a period of low stress. Your feelings are valid and so allow yourself to feel all the feelings. Going through a difficult time warrants feelings that may make you feel uncomfortable. Take the time to process in therapy.  Lstly, take care of your body and your physical needs. When you are going through times of trail we may forget to look after our everyday needs and so prioritize the simple things: drinking water, sleep, eating.

The main point is not to minimize or isolate in the experience but to connect and heal through it. Trying times happen and taking the time to care for yourself during these times does not mean you are weak. You are honoring your reality and growing through it.

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