Upcoming Changes & Impending Motherhood Part 2

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This past fall my husband and I received the wonderful news and surprise that we were expecting our second child. Of course, the amount of joy we felt and continue to feel cannot be described.  There have been many changes in my personal life that have affected and influenced my professional life. I like to think that they have made me a more proficient therapist. At the same time, I also have to take care of my family. As I weathered through my first trimester, my husband and I discussed different topics in regards to beginning and dual working family. The biggest change is my decision to transition out of a brick and mortar office and to full-time online practice. I have had the opportunity to work with clients online for a few years now. Online cousneling practice requires complete HIPAA complacency and therefore is not as simple as logging on to Skype.  There are forms to complete, agreements to be signed, and a specific HIPAA complaint platform that is used for the meeting. It has its pros and cons and I would like to list them below: This is the original source.

  1. The flexibility in scheduling sessions is great. I meet with clients during their lunch breaks or before they go off to work.
  2. The convenience is wonderful. If the weather is bad, we can still keep our appointment.
  3. It provides quality mental health treatment for people who may not have trained clinicians close by. As a PA licensed counselor, I can work with anyone who lives in the state, not just someone who lives nearby. Likewise, if someone is ill or has a medical condition that makes it difficult for them to come to therapy, online counseling provides a great platform for continued care.
  4. Insurance companies acknowledge and will cover online therapy.
  5. Technology can be unpredictable. There are times where WIFI is unreliable, however, a backup modality should be in the clinician’s policy forms.
  6. You can only work with a clinician who is licensed in your home state.
  7. Most importantly, online counseling is not appropriate for everyone. I personally assess appropriateness for online counseling and if someone is not appropriate (meaning in crisis) I will refer them to appropriate services.

Ultimately, it is a client’s preference if they choose to work within this time modality or not. I respect everyone decisions forgo online counseling and meet with someone in person. However, I can not deny that I am excited to rebrand my practice (I have been in private practice for 7 years!).

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