7 Things to Try When You Feel Lonely

pablo (3)

Loneliness can have a powerful effect on our emotional well-being.  Sometimes, a state of loneliness can result from a move to a new area,  demanding work/school schedules, or lack of healthy supports near you. Ideally, when you are feeling lonely, I would recommend challenging yourself and getting out into the world. Try out a new class, pick up a new hobby; the simple act of getting out will expose you to others and engage with people who may have things in common with you. If that is not possible or the thought of doing so is overwhelming for you then taking the following suggestions may be helpful:

1. Chill with a book in your favorite coffee shop

2. Dress up in something that makes you feel good

3. Snuggle up with your pet

4. Make a playlist

5. Go for a walk, or go to the gym

6. Organize your closet or tidy your room

7. Take yourself out to the museum

If the feelings of loneliness intensify and you find yourself struggling do not hesitate to contact a professional. Processing these feelings and coming up with a plan can prove to be powerful interventions so that you feel better.



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