Cultivating Discipline

stephanie-harvey-428679-unsplashThere will be times in life when you have to do something you do not want to do. You know that it is time for something to change and you are ready for that change. Yes, it will be difficult but not impossible. In my opinion, making the commitment and setting the intention (major mind shift) to take steps to become healthier takes courage.  Please take a moment to soak that in: you are acknowledging that something in your life is not working for you anymore and you are wanting to do something different. This epiphany can arise in any area of your life: mentally, physically, relationally, etc. When you find yourself in this emotional place do not pretend emotions that are not authentic. Be respectful of your emotional state. Accept that you are feeling very blah, hesitant, scared (whatever you are feeling) about the new possibilities. Rather than listening to the voice in your head that is screaming “I hate this; I don’t want to do this” think about why it is a GOOD thing to do. By doing so you are starting to change and challenge the narrative (the story in your mind) that has been on repeat and keeping you from making a change.  Intention eases anxiety and enhances personal power. Start slow do a little bit for now. I will work with individuals who expect change within 1 or 2 sessions and that is not fair to their journey. That is a lot of pressure to put on oneself! The fact is that it took a long time to get to where you are right now and it is going to take some unraveling to make a long-lasting change.  Do not think about results as this could raise your feelings of anxiety and fear, just think about “right now” and the first thing you can do. Soon you will notice a difference in your state and find you are in a new flow. 

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