The Road to Recovery

ash-edmonds-759936-unsplashPhoto by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash
The second listed definition of the word recovery is the action or process of regaining
possession or control of something stolen or lost. It’s synonymous with the words: ”
retrieval, regaining, recapturereclamation, recouping, retaking, redemption; to list a
few. I find that the word recovery describes the journey of mental health and wellness.
They synonymous alone elicit a certain sense of power. This is a process that ebbs and
flows. You can be in recovery in many ways: eating disorder, trauma, depression,
anxiety, etc. The use of this word elicits hope, in my opinion. There are beliefs that you
must hold on to in order to nurture this hope. First, believe that you can have a healthier
future. This may be challenged by your current circumstance but hold on tight to the
the belief that you can work at processing events that have affected you.  By giving
yourself the time and believe that you can get there – one step and day at a time. Please
allow yourself to really feel your feelings and don’t judge yourself for how you feel.
Challenging negative (self) beliefs of worthiness are the first steps.  Instead, have a plan
to cope with things that cause emotional dysregulation. This may mean seeking out
healthy and inspiring people and or professionals. By doing you prioritize your recovery
and the path to wellness.


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