6 Steps To Creating A Self-Care Lifestyle


Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

As I mentioned in my previous post, taking the time to engage in self-care while your therapist is away from the office can be a wonderful practice to really implement and adhere to. Self-care is more than getting your nails and hair done or fitting in the occasional massage. Although those are nice, self-care is a comprehensive lifestyle approach that really blends your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Therefore part of the self-care plan (whether your therapist is out of the office or you’re looking to really improve you well-being) that I want you to develop is one that really takes all 3 of these areas into consideration.

  1. Take care of your physical health as this affects your mental health. Whether that is committing to a 15 minute walk everyday or a yoga class 3 times a week.
  2. Find the time to quiet the noise. In my previous post I suggest that you keep an appointment time that is non-negotiable. If your therapist is out of the office and you meet with them Fridays at 10 am then do not schedule anything during time, Keep this time for you. Keep this time to decompress and process the previous week. Get away from all the noise. 
  3. Do not compromise on the things that bring you joy. Invest time in hobbies and doing things you love. These help you to switch off and get in touch with yourself.
  4. Create a calming space in your home, this can help you to feel less stressed. This area doesn’t have to be a big space but rather a soothing place you can go to and decompress. 
  5. Identify who do you have a support network: friends, church, work out partners, colleagues, babysitters, etc. Have at least one friend you can turn to when you’re going through a difficult time, as we all need someone who we know is there for us,
  6. I can not stress this enough: stay away from toxic  people or a toxic situation who may leave you feeling depleted. If you find that you are experiencing an overstimulation to a situation (aka triggered) it’s okay to acknowledge that this is difficult and you may not be able to fully support them at this time.

Creating a self-care routine is one that will not only be nourishing in times of stress but also uplifting in the every day busyness. It can change in time but the focus is on maintaining wellness and valuing your mental well being.

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