How Unplugging Helped Me Connect


Photo by Nicholas Santoianni on Unsplash

I had a plan. I even blogged it. While away I would still post. I would show my presence in the internet world in some way. Technology is amazing. I will not argue about its effectivness in connecting people. I am able to work with clients virtually, I connect with colleagues nationally. When used responsibly, it really is an amazing tool. Yet, when the time came to post. I did not want to. The thought of posting, checking emails, doing some kind of work was too much for me; even posting or connecting for fun in my personal accounts. I just did not want to do it.

Of course, after giving birth one is tired: psychically and mentally. Yet, my exhaustion was more than that. I just craved the need to unplug. So, I listened to what I needed and in doing so, I was able to be present with my husband and children. I focused on the self-care that I needed. I found a rhythm that benefits my overall well being and therefore that of my family’s.

We are bombarded with so much noise and input that we risk missing and  listening to our own intuition.  As a business owner,  I admit there was a latent fear that if I did not connect, I would lose clients. I would lose my “place” in the ranks and would have to start over. (I am happy to report that all of my clients gladly waited for me-thank you, I am humbled!) But the point is that in unplugging from the noise, I connected ever more powerfully with myself. Therapists are not exempt from natural life occurrences and happenstance; I view myself as a role model of what is possible and therefore help guide others.

I find myself more connected to my mission as a therapist, invigorated to begin again. So, I encourage you to unplug in order to tune inwards. I promise it will feel amazing.

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