Relational Detox


There are seasons where I think we need a good detox. If you are not sure what detox means it’s “a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.” Substance can refer to anything that is not healthy for you: screen time, social media, food, a cluttered space, etc.  Any time you clean out your body, home, mind; you become aware of the other things in your life that may not be healthy for you, this can include relationships.

Before you go cutting people off, take a good and thorough look at yourself. Are you in need of healing? If so seek it!

Second, take some time to reflect on the people around you. you may find it helpful to look at the relationships in your life and identify weather or not they are healthy relationships. Generally, a healthy relationship is defined by a giving and taking of resources, energy, and time. In healthy relationships there is a shared valued system, prioritization and an investment in the bond of the relationship.

Once you have identified whether the relationship is unhealthy, ask yourself do I want to restore the vitality in this relationship? If so, then outline the steps to do so. If the answer is “no”, then establishing boundaries is he next step in detoxing from unhealthy relationships. Once severed, it is important to process and grieve the loss of the  relationship.

Connections with other have the potential to influence who you are and how you act. It is of the upmost important that these individuals are alined with your values and priorities.


Disclaimer: I know it’s not that easy to detox from people especially relationships where there has been a lot fo time invested. It is more than reasonable to seek guidance and processing whenever you are unsure of how to navigate a situation. Photo by Maid Milinkic on Unsplash


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