How to Interrupt Negative Self-Talk


Photo by Fernando @dearferdo on Unsplash

Those who people who struggle with depression or anxiety often have an internal audio track of self-hating thoughts. These can sound like:

– I am worthless.

– I deserve the pain from my mistakes.

– I am weak and need to get over this.

What can you do if you are struggling with depression and self-hating thoughts,  it is important to see a therapist who can assist you. Additionally, you can replace The following things are commonly used to interrupt negative self-talk and thoughts of despair and worthlessness:

– Treat yourself the way you treat your friends. You deserve better than hating yourself.

– Do something different – stand up, take a walk, sing – to interrupt the negative self-talk.

– Take a few moments and breathe deeply, breathing in your surroundings.

Please remember that speaking to a therapist can be profound step in your healing to overcome depression and feelings of self-hatred.

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