7 Tips To Improving Your Self-Confidence



Confidence is a highly desired quality. Those that possess confidence are often admired and elevated to the status as a role model. Confidence is available to us all. However, there are situations, people, and events that rob us of our confidence. Confidence is something to be nurtured. Once it is nurtured, watch it grow! So, how do you authentically cultivate confidence? I want to offer 7 actionable tips that you can implement to increase your confidence.

First and foremost, commit yourself to cultivating confidence. This is a goal you have set for yourself and it matters to you.  Now try to be as specific as you can and identify the areas in which you lack self-confidence. Introspection and self-insight are key to understanding the root cause of poor self-confidence. For example, do you stutter? And as a result, shy away from talking to people. Once you have an insight (and it does not have to be deep, just enough to get a direction) you can assemble your team to support you! Taking the stuttering example, you can work with a speech therapist to alleviate some of the speech problems.

Next, try to identify any triggers that cause you to feel undervalued. This is where you can develop a deeper insight into your understanding of yourself. This is a great time to work with a therapist to unearth the deeper roots that are contributing to your lack of self-confidence. Everyone starts at different places, and all have different weaknesses. Change is possible for you – though it may take work and time. While gaining self-awareness it is not enough to know what your weaknesses or areas of growth are but it is also important to know and list all your strengths and your positive traits. Do not be ashamed to ask for help here! Talk to a trusted friend and ask them! Start by taking baby steps in your action plan to nurture the traits that you would like to possess.

Finally, along the way notice your successes, and be proud of how you’re changing. Then use this as the foundation to develop further changes.

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