8 Tips To Simplify Your Life


Photo by Eutah Mizushima on Unsplash

Let’t talk about stress. Stress can be welcomed, i.e. the birth of a child and it can be un-welcomed, i.e financial worry. In any case, learning how to manage and care for your stress is an important and crucial skill to develop in order to care for you mental health wellbeing. So let me offer you 8 tips to manage your obligations and stress.

1. Simplify – your time, your stuff, your social life. Thinking decluttering your schedule and your agenda.

2. Live in the moment. Meaning simply do one thing at a time. So, if you are watching a show focus on watching and enjoying your show!

3. Practice gratitude. Gratitude can be such a great antidote for many things!

4. Take control of the thoughts that pull you back into the past.

5. Do not worry about what comes next, simply take actions that are aligned with your goals.

6. Difficult but necessary: practice getting comfortable with saying “no”. “No” is such a powerful statement.

7. Lived aligned with your truth and your values; do not worry about others, and what they think of you.

8. Do your best, then relax, and avoid perfectionism. Narratives of perfection can be challenged and you can learn how to relax in a therapeutic environment. Give it a try.

Granted some of these suggestions require some therapy to overcome. Yet, do you think you are work the investment? Taking the time to really unearth some unhealthy thinking patterns can arm you to finally be free from the pressures that surround you.

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