Hulking Out: Angry Feelings


Anger can fuel you for a lifetime. Although, at times justified, it is an emotion you have to learn to soothe and navigat towards healing. Let go of anger. When you erupt in anger you often feel much worse. How? By identifying what causing you to become angry and identifying what is lying underneath. Bubbling underneath anger is oftentimes a more vulnerable emotion. Ever take the time to unearth what it could be for you?  Anger can influence you to behave in ways that are damaging, toxic, and unrecognizable to you. Learning to cope with anger and it’s myriad of emotional roots can prove to be a powerful step in your healing journey. Self-soothe doesn’t mean you ignore the anger and it’s accompanying emotions but you nurture them and honor them in a way that is healthy and growing for you.  So, what do you do? Here are some healthy ways to cope with anger:

  1. Honor it. You are angry.
  2. Take time for yourself to soothe the initial anger response. Maybe you go for a walk, listen to music, or take a nap.
  3. Journal/reflect on what made you angry and if there is another feeling that comes up for you, i.e. hurt or disappointment.
  4. If someone is involved in your feelings of anger and discuss with them what happened and work on getting the situation resolved.
  5. If that anger runs deep and you find it difficult to process on your own, please talk to someone about it: a pastor, therapist, a life coach; someone that can guide you to through the process of healing.

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