You are worth EVERYTHING

content-pixie-2V5PJgGqyts-unsplash.jpg📸 :by Content Pixie on Unsplash

Self-Love is a phrase or a movement that seems to be really on-trend right now. And although I 100% support the encouragement to be more self-loving I notice how many are unsure of how to be more loving towards themselves. Self-love shouldn’t be a superficial sign of indifference but rather a deep-rooted belief and conviction of who you being. And so how then do you become more self-loving? Well read on:

1. You need to affirm and to validate yourself.                                                                                2. Your time is as valuable as anybody else’s so prioritize what you need to do.
3. You can’t give to others, and help to build them up if you’re not taking care of my own self first. That could be going to the doctor, therapy, getting sleep!
4. You need to remember that you’re worthy of love, success, opportunities, and knowing happiness.
5. Your opinions are as valuable as anybody else’s. It’s up to you to decide and to choose your own beliefs (and live accordingly).                                                                                            6. Probably the most important fact: your past does not define you – You’re free to change and grow.

Stop putting limits on your life. You are worth everything!

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