Singlehood Doesn’t Mean There Is Something Wrong With You


It’s a human need the desire for companionship. It’s healthy and totally acceptable if you want to be in a relationship. Sometimes though risking your well-being to simply be in a relationship can be detrimental to your mental health. In my experience, I have seen varied reasons why people are single when they don’t want to be. I encourage you to find a deeper understanding of yourself and how you got to this place in your life. Maybe you keep dating the same type of person. Or find yourself with someone who is unable and unwilling to meet your needs. Having an understanding of your emotions, thoughts,  and behaviors can help you feel hopeful about the future and your potential relationships.  I want to highlight some of the reasons you may single when you don’t want to be:

1. You may feel like you don’t deserve to be in a (good and healthy) relationship.

2. You may have developed unrealistic expectations about who your ideal mate.

3. Maybe you simply feel pressured to be in a relationship and you will align yourself with the first person who is readily available.

4. You’ve been hurt badly in the past.

5. You are sabotage your relationships.

6. Trauma.

If you desire a healthy relationship. One that nurtures you and feeds your emotional mental and psychological well-being it’s imperative to understand yourself independent of a relationship. Sometimes it is necessary to heal individually so that you can be the healthiest person you can possibly be to your partner. It can be very helpful to heal and learn unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaving that ultimately will allow you to really connect in a very profound way.

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

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