How Unplugging Helped Me Connect

Photo by Nicholas Santoianni on Unsplash I had a plan. I even blogged it. While away I would still post. I would show my presence in the internet world in some way. Technology is amazing. I will not argue about its effectivness in connecting people. I am able to work with clients virtually, I connectContinue reading “How Unplugging Helped Me Connect”

Ideas Para Mantener la Calma

Hay momentos en los que estamos destinados a perder la calma. ¡Ya sea que estas cansada/o por el  comportamiento de sus hijos, la incompetencia de un compañero de trabajo o simplemente estás  teniendo un día difícil! Es perfectamente normal no tener un temperamento uniforme todo el tiempo. Reconozca sus sentimientos y tome medidas que ayudenContinue reading “Ideas Para Mantener la Calma”

7 Sugerencias Para Combatir La Soledad

La soledad puede tener un efecto poderoso en nuestro bienestar emocional. Algunas veces, un estado de soledad puede resultado de una mudanza, exigente horarios de trabajo / escuela o falta de apoyo saludable cerca de usted. Lo ideal es que, cuando te sientas solo, que seas participe del mundo. Intenta algo nuevo:  una nueva clase, Continue reading “7 Sugerencias Para Combatir La Soledad”

My 10 Commandments for an Intentional Life

Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash I recommend my clients to create a personal set of “rules for living” or their own “dogma for life”. Why? I find that it is important for us to have a standard in living. It allows us to know our limits, how we want to live our life, inContinue reading “My 10 Commandments for an Intentional Life”

5 Steps to Deal With Life’s Disappointments

Disappointment is a part of life. As much as we do not want to experience such emotion it is a part of the human experience. Rather than avoid or suppress I suggest we learn how to process it. The messaging that we should just be happy and think positive thoughts can be harmful and robContinue reading “5 Steps to Deal With Life’s Disappointments”

Anxiety is Ruining My Life

Let’s talk about anxiety.  First, let’s define anxiety: the excessive worry and living in a state of fear that interrupts your daily living. Being nervous can refer to feeling unsettled or worried about a particular situation and it passes. Anxious producing stimuli can really be anything and come from anywhere. The point is that itContinue reading “Anxiety is Ruining My Life”

3 Ways to Getting a Self-Care Routine

At this point, many of us know that practicing a daily self-care routine offers many benefits. Some of these benefits include reduced stress, mental clarity, less muscle tension, and improved productivity. As a mother, wife, businesswoman I completely understand the ease in which we can put ourselves last on our list. Here’s the thing: ifContinue reading “3 Ways to Getting a Self-Care Routine”

3 Reasons Why You Need to Set Goals

I encourage goal setting. I applaud goal setting. This time of year many people make the decision to create change. I think that is great. Inevitably there are those that may roll their eyes or claim that it is a waste of time. Or that goals can be set any time of the year. ToContinue reading “3 Reasons Why You Need to Set Goals”

10 Características de la Salud Mental

La salud mental es más que la ausencia de enfermedad mental. Indica cómo te sientes acerca de ti mismo y cómo te ajustas a las confusiones de la vida. La asociación nacional de salud mental, cita 10 características de personas que están mentalmente sanas. Se sienten bien consigo mismos. No se sienten abrumados por emocionesContinue reading “10 Características de la Salud Mental”