Remember Who You Are

When you have begun the process of counseling you will change. It’s inevitable. This is a sign of growth.  The woman you are becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces, and material things. Choose her over everything. So, remember : 1. My self worth does not depend on what others think and say about me.Continue reading “Remember Who You Are”

Why You Should Still Go to Therapy Even If You’re “Fine”

Simply stated: therapy is a space for your humanness.  You have a non-judgmental relationship with someone who will hold anything-absolutely anything-that burdens you. Therapy allows for exploration into the idiosyncrasiesof your life. I aim to create a space place for all my clients, where void of any labels, they are come as they are: enoughContinue reading “Why You Should Still Go to Therapy Even If You’re “Fine””

Singlehood Doesn’t Mean There Is Something Wrong With You

It’s a human need the desire for companionship. It’s healthy and totally acceptable if you want to be in a relationship. Sometimes though risking your well-being to simply be in a relationship can be detrimental to your mental health. In my experience, I have seen varied reasons why people are single when they don’t wantContinue reading “Singlehood Doesn’t Mean There Is Something Wrong With You”

8 Tips To Simplify Your Life

Photo by Eutah Mizushima on Unsplash Let’t talk about stress. Stress can be welcomed, i.e. the birth of a child and it can be un-welcomed, i.e financial worry. In any case, learning how to manage and care for your stress is an important and crucial skill to develop in order to care for you mentalContinue reading “8 Tips To Simplify Your Life”

7 Tips To Improving Your Self-Confidence

  Confidence is a highly desired quality. Those that possess confidence are often admired and elevated to the status as a role model. Confidence is available to us all. However, there are situations, people, and events that rob us of our confidence. Confidence is something to be nurtured. Once it is nurtured, watch it grow!Continue reading “7 Tips To Improving Your Self-Confidence”