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How To Be Clear About Your Purpose

  The truth is without clarity it can be difficult to live in purpose and intention. You could be spinning your wheels and finding that you are not fulfilled. I believe that uncovering your purpose via clarity and knowing yourself can unleash great potential and personal power. In this  Tony Robbins talk explains more about getting… Continue reading How To Be Clear About Your Purpose


¿Qué es Realmente el Asesoramiento Profesional?

Un consejero lo ayuda a identificar un área problemática, a explorar los factores que pueden estar contribuyendo a su dificultad y le brinda opciones que puede considerar. El asesoramiento no es algo que se te ha hecho. Por el contrario, se le pide que desempeñe un papel muy activo para mejorar y formar un equipo… Continue reading ¿Qué es Realmente el Asesoramiento Profesional?

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The Anatomy of Trust

  Trust is essential in all relationships. Without trust, every relationship will crumble, this includes the relationship you have with yourself. Often, I hear people, whether in relationships or not, tell me they want to gain trust. It is not at all impossible, but first, we must deconstruct trust. It is not this singular concept,… Continue reading The Anatomy of Trust


Loving Someone Who Struggles With Mental Illness

Suffering from a mental illness is difficult on its own, it can become more complex when in a relationship. Anything and everything that affects one partner will undoubtedly affect they other. Why? In a relationship there is a collectivist dynamic which simple means: the “us” factor. If your partner has lived thorough  trauma and they… Continue reading Loving Someone Who Struggles With Mental Illness


7 Ways To Learn Discipline Effectively.

Self-discipline is the ability to control yourself and to make yourself work hard or behave in a particular way without needing anyone else to tell you what to do (definition via Collins dictionary). It  can make you uncomfortable. It can be challenging. However, practicing discipline can lead to the greatest rewards. In order to develop discipline you… Continue reading 7 Ways To Learn Discipline Effectively.