Remember Who You Are

When you have begun the process of counseling you will change. It’s inevitable. This is a sign of growth.  The woman you are becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces, and material things. Choose her over everything. So, remember : 1. My self worth does not depend on what others think and say about me.Continue reading “Remember Who You Are”

How to Interrupt Negative Self-Talk

Photo by Fernando @dearferdo on Unsplash Those who people who struggle with depression or anxiety often have an internal audio track of self-hating thoughts. These can sound like: – I am worthless. – I deserve the pain from my mistakes. – I am weak and need to get over this. What can you do ifContinue reading “How to Interrupt Negative Self-Talk”

Seeking A Relationship Because You’re Lonely

Photo by Montse Monmo on Unsplash The  most important relationship you’ll ever have is your relationship with yourself. Feeling whole  and satisfied in your being is crucial to a healthy relationship with another. You can’t receive nor give what you don’t offer to yourself. In other words, how you feel and care for yourself setsContinue reading “Seeking A Relationship Because You’re Lonely”

Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Unsplash As a couple’s counselor and someone who studied and continues to study relationships, I am often asked how to engage in a healthy relationship and/or identify that you are in a “right” relationship. When it comes to relationships there aren’t any guarneteed certainties, however, if you are intentional inContinue reading

What To Do When You Are Overwhelmed

  Photo by kike vega on Unsplash Overwhelmed can be an understatement for some in crisis. When things begin to pile up it can feel like we are literally drowning. It can be difficult to think of what will help in those situations. I recommend having a toolbox or a list of actions that haveContinue reading “What To Do When You Are Overwhelmed”

How Unplugging Helped Me Connect

Photo by Nicholas Santoianni on Unsplash I had a plan. I even blogged it. While away I would still post. I would show my presence in the internet world in some way. Technology is amazing. I will not argue about its effectivness in connecting people. I am able to work with clients virtually, I connectContinue reading “How Unplugging Helped Me Connect”

6 Steps To Creating A Self-Care Lifestyle

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash As I mentioned in my previous post, taking the time to engage in self-care while your therapist is away from the office can be a wonderful practice to really implement and adhere to. Self-care is more than getting your nails and hair done or fitting in the occasional massage.Continue reading “6 Steps To Creating A Self-Care Lifestyle”

What To Do When Your Therapist Is Unavailable: 5 Tips To Consider

Photo by Craig Garner on Unsplash There are many reasons why your therapist may be out of the office. Maybe they have a personal or family emergency, they are going through a major life transition, or simply they are away on vacation. The client and therapist relationship is one that is cherished, valued, and respected.Continue reading “What To Do When Your Therapist Is Unavailable: 5 Tips To Consider”