How To Be Clear About Your Purpose

  The truth is without clarity it can be difficult to live in purpose and intention. You could be spinning your wheels and finding that you are not fulfilled. I believe that uncovering your purpose via clarity and knowing yourself can unleash great potential and personal power. In this  Tony Robbins talk explains more about gettingContinue reading “How To Be Clear About Your Purpose”

Mental Health Tech

  In the February 2016 issue of Psychology Today, there is an article titled Know your Space by Matt Hutson in which a psychologist and neuroscientist Colin Ellard discuss the importance of our environment and our well-being. And, in particular, he talks about responsive homes that use technology to soothe the residence of the home.Continue reading “Mental Health Tech”

Pro-Relationship Thinking

Poisonous relationships can alter our perception. You can spend many years thinking you’re worthless … But you’re NOT worthless. You’re unappreciated. Steve Maraboli Relationships require intention and attention! We can quickly take for granted our partners. Yet, when they are not in our life, we feel their absence.  According to Stan Tatkin author of “WiredContinue reading “Pro-Relationship Thinking”