Mental Health Tech

  In the February 2016 issue of Psychology Today, there is an article titled Know your Space by Matt Hutson in which a psychologist and neuroscientist Colin Ellard discuss the importance of our environment and our well-being. And, in particular, he talks about responsive homes that use technology to soothe the residence of the home.Continue reading “Mental Health Tech”

10 Características de la Salud Mental

La salud mental es más que la ausencia de enfermedad mental. Indica cómo te sientes acerca de ti mismo y cómo te ajustas a las confusiones de la vida. La asociación nacional de salud mental, cita 10 características de personas que están mentalmente sanas. Se sienten bien consigo mismos. No se sienten abrumados por emocionesContinue reading “10 Características de la Salud Mental”

Pro-Relationship Thinking

Poisonous relationships can alter our perception. You can spend many years thinking you’re worthless … But you’re NOT worthless. You’re unappreciated. Steve Maraboli Relationships require intention and attention! We can quickly take for granted our partners. Yet, when they are not in our life, we feel their absence.  According to Stan Tatkin author of “WiredContinue reading “Pro-Relationship Thinking”

Salud Mental Latina

He estado trabajando en el campo de la salud mental durante 11 años. Tropecé en el campo de la psicología por accidente. Los planes originales eran la escuela de medicina. Sin embargo, una vez que aprendí lo caro que era estudiar medicina (!) decidí tomar un descanso  por el momento. Empecé a trabajar en FloridaContinue reading “Salud Mental Latina”

7 Important Steps in Establishing a Healthy Relationship

We are not taught how to be in a relationship. This is something we learn by doing. It is trial and error. Sometimes a lot of errors. In my experience, both professionally and personally I have learned some things along the way. 1.  Take the time to really get to know each other. Ask theContinue reading “7 Important Steps in Establishing a Healthy Relationship”